Pyments are Quantity Surveyors by profession however, unlike traditional private surveyors, we are a niche organisation with a multi-disciplinary approach; A specialist construction and project management consultancy, Pyments offer a range of commercial and contractual services:

  • Commercial Project Support (pre & post contract)
  • M&E Solutions – Technical and Commercial Support
  • Dispute Prevention and Resolution (preparation of entitlement documents, adjudication, arbitration and litigation, either as party-appointed or single joint experts; we also regularly undertake Client advocacy in adjudications)
  • Project Monitoring (catalogued image capturing, Independent Audits)
  • Programme Analysis (prospective & retrospective)
  • Tailored Training Workshops & Seminars (contractual & commercial awareness)

Advising national and international clients in the commercial, private and specialist sectors of construction….get in touch today to see how we can help you with your project….