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About Pyments

Pyments are an established successful construction consultancy business with a clear focus. We have built and maintained lasting relationships with a well-established and varied client base, whilst ensuring our vision, values and sense of purpose are consistently demonstrated from the top and throughout our personnel.

What we do?

We lead, integrate and collaborate with our clients whether they be Main Contractors, Sub-Contractors or Employers, and have acquired extensive knowledge and understanding which allows us to protect and represent the best interests of each.

“We talk your language”

How we do it?

We are affable and approachable people who smile when we can, work hard and in a manner which also endears a spirit of mutual trust and confidence.

“We are on your side. We can, and do, deliver.”

We work with the best

Many of our clients will already be familiar to you but take a second to have a look.

The client list is a testament to our success and they know Pyments are only a phone call away. We pride ourselves on the pragmatic commercial and contractual support we provide, have a track record of producing positive results and…

“We can do the same for you.”

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