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Bums on seats or badge engineering … or both?

The point of focus for most of our “new” clients used to centre on the strategy and methodology we would employ in meeting their particular needs. Now, more than ever, centre stage is much more about “who” will deliver that strategy.

You see, in a marketplace where mergers and acquisitions (between construction professional services organisations) continue to be a feature, the informed client has a growing awareness that “their” needs will always come second to the “bums on seats” mentality of the outsized firms they once employed to support them.

The recurring theme in our discussions with new clients, in almost every example, reflects on the dismal service and lack of experienced personnel they’ve been provided by these so-called industry “leaders”, and these clients (unsurprisingly) wish to avoid repeating previous mistakes.

One of our clients, known industry-wide for being one of the “good guys” but also for his big ego, humbly acknowledged the attraction of seeing a “big name” supporting his firm’s interests, was more about feeding that ego than it was about meeting their needs. He’d bought in to “the branding and the badge” just as he had when he’d bought his first car, and like his first car, when he got round to looking under the bonnet, he realised he’d been sold a pup. His words!

Let’s be clear; regardless of how they choose to “sell” the benefits of their latest attempt at world and market dominance to their clients, the contrasting point of focus for those firms who enter into such unwieldy mergers and acquisitions is, without exception, all about them, their revenue and their profit. I shouldn’t complain, many of our new clients have experienced this first-hand and have intentionally stepped back from the skin-deep glamour these outsized firms represent, choosing instead to seek support from organisations, such as Pyments, where our focus is on them and in meeting their needs, capably and purposefully, and with the right people.

Consider this… if repeat business with reputable and preeminent Contractors, Specialists, Developers and Employers… is what makes you an industry leader, then Pyments has been an industry leader for over 30 years.

There is no “bums on seats” mentality to be found here, and aspirations of world domination are best left to the stars of the big screen and the “fiction” they’re known for!

What our clients like most about Pyments is our people and our approach. We’re committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Should you require advice, or information about Pyments and the services we offer, please get in touch.

Article by Gordon Connell, Lead Consultant

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