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Getting to know Pyments people – Dilaur

Dilaur is an experienced Project Monitoring Analyst and Programme Analyst and has successfully undertaken instructions across a range of different sectors including Higher Education, Private Healthcare, Major Banking, UK M&E Infrastructure, UK Space Technology, Large Scale Residential Apartment Complexes and Care Villages.

When did you join Pyments?

I joined the Pyments Project Monitoring (PPM) division of Pyments as a Technician in December 2014.

What does your job involve?

I am responsible for the ‘PPM’ instructions. This involves site visits and record keeping, liaising between the different construction parties, analysing delays and drafting month end reports. In addition, I have acted as both assistant and primary delay analyst in the preparation and analysis of construction delays.

What were you doing before Pyments?

Having completed my degree in 2012 and subsequently my masters in 2013 I went on to gain some much-needed experience working for a large nationwide house builder and then a structural firm specialising in strengthening and repair. Both very different environments providing invaluable ‘on-site’ experience.

What do you like about Pyments?

I like the variety of work. Every job has a different challenge and it is these challenges which has enabled me to acquire additional skills and to develop professionally. Also, when Government restrictions allow us to go into the office, I really like the picturesque and calm countryside setting where Pyments is located. It’s just not the ‘norm’ or what you would expect from a construction consultancy business working on high profile construction projects.

Away from work what do you get up to?

Well, since Covid has been with us not a lot! I have a young family so most of the time my wife and I are usually busy keeping our Disney princess obsessed 2-year-old daughter and boisterous one year old son entertained. Like the rest of the general public, we have been soldiering on making the most of it, taking up nice long family walks and exploring the beautiful local woodlands. Favourite food? My wife’s version of Wagamama’s Firecracker Chicken is to die for! Definitely my favourite at the moment.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

When we were younger my cousin and I were very much into kickboxing; we fought regularly in tournaments organised against other local gyms in Birmingham doing reasonably well. One thing I will ashamedly admit to was how we used to skip the odd training session and instead go to the local kebab house, eventually getting caught out…. Yikes!

If you could offer one piece of advice to someone looking at a similar career, what would it be?

Get as much experience as you can before, during and after your university studies and also consider trades like carpentry or bricklaying. If opportunities are scarce, try voluntary/ charity work too, this will show prospective employer’s that even if you haven’t got the experience that is required, you can at least evidence a can-do and hands on attitude to work.

What trends do you see emerging over the next five years?

Lately there has been an upturn in Construction Technology (also referred to as ‘ConTech’) being used to aid management of construction processes. With the amount of investment being ploughed into this area I can see more and more construction companies trying new ways to do ‘more for less’. However, the integration of new and unproven solutions can be expensive so this may still be a slow transition/process over the next 5 years.

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