In Focus – Pyments Periodical – Autumn 2019 Brochure


Autumn 2019 Brochure ‘In Focus’ Pyments Periodical

Pyments Periodical – Our Autumn 2019 Brochure ‘In Focus’ has now been published!

The Summer holidays are over and you’ve returned, refreshed from your break and ready to get back in the saddle, hey hold on! Just take a minute first and ease yourself back in to the grind with a couple of articles guaranteed to chase away those post holiday blues and give you an edge on those construction projects…

Don’t miss the thought provoking article “Its been emotional” – (complete with Vinnie Jones in ‘Lock, Stock’ movie mode) on Page 4 from Adrian Purvey, a Senior Dispute Consultant… and….

Remember that entertaining TV game show from the 1970’s..? ‘It’s a Knockout’?…(yeah you know the one), where International teams had to dress up in those silly giant rubber foam outfits and negotiate an obstacle course whilst being shot with water canons, balls and all manner of general detritus hurled in their path. Sound familiar now?! Turn to page 7 to read “Jeaux Sans Frontieres” a humorous take on why Chris Kevis thinks this, and the adjudication process have something in common!

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