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RICS Assessor & Interview Chairperson – Steve Watson

Pyments Steve Watson has fulfilled the post of RICS Assessor by sitting on the panel for 17 years in London, undertaking additional training to become Chairperson for a further 3 years, before a career posting took him to Australia. Steve went on to assume Chairperson status for RICS in Queensland, in conjunction with taking a leading role in the training and mentoring of prospective candidates, resulting in raising the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC) candidate success rate by approximate 60% – A role he says, he found immensely rewarding.

Steve returned from Australia and joined Pyments some years ago, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to his current role for Pyments M&E Solutions Division.

Having returned to the UK Steve has now drawn on his past experience and sits as the RICS ‘Interview Chairperson‘ for the APC interview process. Steve effectively manages the process and supports the other assessors on the panel during assessment, ensuring that only those who meet RICS ethical standards and professional competency requirements become RICS qualified professionals.

If you think you could benefit from MRICS mentoring, or you have a number of candidates to get through their APC interview – please do give us a call in the office on 01789 766544 or email Steve directly  to discuss how we can help.

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