Pyments Bespoke Training

The most significant asset of any business is the employees working within it. The correct employee training, development and education delivered at the correct time will provide a return on any investment for the employer through increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty and contribution.

Pyments Bespoke Training Division provides training to Commercial Managers, Project Managers and Programmers at all levels and on a number of key areas within the construction industry. We offer a flexible and client focussed approach to training, delivering either ‘off the shelf’ seminars or alternatively, bespoke tailored workshops based upon the specific individual needs of the Client.

Key Benefits
  • Extensive course material for each delegate
  • Delegate packs developed to reflect current issues – thanks to our combined ‘hands on’ knowledge
  • An interactive learning platform; via the style and method of delivery has been developed to create greater participation, understanding and contribution from the delegate
  • Workshops delivered by experts in the field of project services and dispute resolution
  • Workshops & practical sessions originate from actual situations that our practising Quantity Surveyors experience
  • Delegates have access during and after the event to ask further questions or discuss real life issues
  • Increases Quality of Performance and Accountability of the Project Team
  • Review and analysis of delegate evaluation forms and effectiveness of training
"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership."

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Below is a selection of key workshops and seminars on the shelf and waiting to be delivered:

Management of Compensation Events – NEC 4 form of contract (option A)

Designed to give commercial staff tools and techniques with which to effectively manage Compensation Events when working under the NEC suite of Contracts. The workshop focuses on ‘Option A: Target Contract with Activity Schedule’, and is highly interactive with delegates required to work through Practical Dilemmas in order to practice their skills.

Change Management – JCT Design & Build 2016 form of contract

Designed to give commercial staff the techniques with which to effectively manage Change in the workplace. A highly interactive workshop delegates are asked to work through various scenarios to practice their skills. In addition, delegates are presented with a hypothetical Construction Project and are required to complete pre-course scenario questions which are then re-visited towards the end of the workshop.

Programming, Record Keeping and Delay Analysis –(Intermediate Level)

Explaining the importance of Record Keeping and the benefits of good site records and diaries on a Construction project. A highly interactive workshop with delegates requested to plot a basic programme and identify the Critical Path; analyse and discuss genuine site diary extracts; determine the extent of entitlement to additional time on a hypothetical Construction Project based on the available records; and consider the benefits good Record Keeping has on a Construction Project generally.

Programming, Record Keeping and Delay Analysis – (Advanced Level)

Explaining the importance of the correct use and application of programming techniques and their effect on monitoring and management of delaying matters on construction contracts in conjunction with the taking of Contemporaneous Site Records. A highly interactive workshop using a hypothetical Construction Project as its basis, delegates are invited to establish the Critical Path of a Construction Programme and then determine the extent and entitlement to time when a number of delay event scenarios are introduced. The workshop concludes with the writing of a Relevant Event Delay Notice to the Contract Administrator.

Contract Management – JCT DB2016

Exploring the content of the JCT Design & Build 2011 Form of Contract including the changes implemented by the requirements of the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009. The workshop provides an appraisal of the entire form, including the use of Contract Particulars, Schedules, Relevant Event and Loss & Expense matters and the Contractor’s Design submission procedure. Delegates will be asked to provide written opinion and answers to a number of JCT “in use” questions.

Contract Management – NEC4 (option A)

This workshop explores the content and procedural requirements of the NEC3 Form of Contracts. The delegates will be provided with invaluable practical guidance on managing an NEC3 Contract together with practical sessions encompassing Compensation Events, Quotations, and Adjustments to the Programme.

What our clients say

“…I would like to thank you for the enormous amount of time and effort that you put into the preparation and delivery of each of the seminars. The feedback from all of the delegates bears testimony to this, as I can honestly say that the comments reflect the fact that this has been the best received course we have ever run. As always you have the knack of leaving your audience begging for more (I cannot count how many times I’ve been approached with the question/request as to when the next series of seminars is being run).” – Commercial Director, BAM PFI Europe

“Pyments worked with us to develop a bespoke training course for our commercial staff. The training was very energising and participative and included a good balance of theory and worked examples. Tim brings a wealth of in depth knowledge and facilitated the course in an exemplary manner. To reiterate the success of the training, we are now in the process of rolling out the programme at national level.” – Commercial Director, Willmott Dixon Construction

“The best delivered course I have been on to date.” – Mansell 

“Get everyone onto this course as soon as possible!” – Mansell 

“Good course – useful & specific to work activities. Not a course where you forget everything after 2 days.”  – Amec

“Excellent course, very well presented and very informing”  Morgan Sindall 

“Good mix between the theory & real world experience.”  Morgan Sindall