Mechanical & Electrical Solutions (M&E)

Pyments Mechanical and Electrical Solutions Division is different; in addition to our Quantity Surveyors that assist with the Commercial/ Quantum element, we also have a Technical department- employing Chartered Engineers that bring a vast amount of technical expertise and knowledge of M&E issues. 


M&E represents a major proportion of a total project cost and often comprises complex designs, numerous technical build-ability and programming interfaces with M & E Specialists and other trade Sub-Contractors. In our experience there appears to be a lack of understanding and full appreciation of M&E Services within the industry.  Our Chartered Engineers bring a wealth of technical expertise to the fore, removing the mystique surrounding M&E services with the knowledge and experience that immediately gets to the crux of the issues. 


Our M&E Quantity Surveyors combine Commercial and Contractual expertise with pro-active, problem solving solutions.  With Pyments renown dispute preventative culture also playing its part, all elements combine to successfully deliver clients objectives.

Together, Pyments M&E Solutions Division provides a diverse range of Commercial, Contractual, Technical and project monitoring solutions across a multitude of projects and sectors.  

To find out more how M & E Solutions could assist your business or to request a free brochure please contact our M&E Consultants: (Commercial) (Technical)

Key Benefits

Benefits of using Pyments M&E Solutions:

  • Utilisation of proven Commercial, Contractual & Technical expertise and knowledge
  • Proactive and problem solving solutions adopted to prevent formal dispute proceedings wherever possible
  • Multi-skilled team with a range of expertise, well versed in all forms of contract, programming, project monitoring and dispute prevention techniques
  • In depth knowledge together with our contractual expertise and preventative culture allows for early warning of issues
  • Prompt identification, verification and particularisation of entitlement in accordance with the contract, facilitating recovery of entitlement, Early Settlement and Dispute Advoidance
  • Direct Access to Barristers – often avoiding involvement of solicitors and associated fees
  • Flexibility; services tailored to suit requirements of the project; short or long term, working on a time charge or commission only basis
  • Through representing Employer’s, Contractors and Sub-Contractor’s in both Public and Private Sectors we understand the needs of all parties; allowing successful delivery of Client objectives
"The dilemma is if we keep thinking the way we always have, we will keep getting what we’ve always got."

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To find out more how M & E Solutions could assist your business or to request a free brochure please contact our  Consultants:

Or give us a call in the office on telephone number: 01789 766544

Pre-Construction Stage

Condition, Energy and Sustainability Surveys

Mechanical and Electrical installations within existing buildings, which are for example proposed for refurbishment, are surveyed for general condition and fitness for reuse; The Condition Survey Report could include energy usage assessment, making recommendation for enhancements to existing services, (subject to useful future life expectancy), to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Alternatively the Report may recommend installation of new complete or part Mechanical and Electrical systems suggesting appropriate sustainable low energy systems and building modifications such as shading, natural ventilation and insulation.

Conceptual and Feasibility M&E Designs and Costing

During the early stages of the design process, Pyments work with the Architect and/or building user. Various options for alternative mechanical and electrical schemes are proposed and assessed for capital and operating costs. Often at this stage the actual design parameters and building usage is not understood; Pyments help the building user establish the headline requirements and demands on the M & E systems.

The process delivers clear performance requirements, establishing preferred mechanical and electrical systems to be installed that meet the performance criteria. Capital and operating cost forecasts are provided, together with base information provided to the Architect and Structural engineers to allow their preliminary concept exercises to proceed.

Drafting of tender information including Employer Requirements/Performance Specifications and Pricing documentation

Preparation of clear, concise tender information is essential to ensure bidding contractors are aware of their future responsibilities and the Client’s actual requirements. Appropriate and concise proposed Form of Contract reduces opportunity for future disagreement and dispute.   Comprehensive, unambiguous Employer’s Requirements and Performance Specification documents result in “tight”, commercial M&E bids.

Tender Compliance/price vetting, advice and recommendation • Risk, Value Engineering and Design Opportunity Analysis

Careful and detailed analysis of received tender bids will resolve compliance issues and allow recommendation on preferred contractor. As necessary Value Engineering exercises and Design Opportunity workshops can be undertaken with the lowest bidders to seek out capital cost savings.

Post Contract Award Stage

Procurement of Specialist M&E work packages

The success of mechanical and electrical projects is often dependent upon key specialist sub-contractors. Close involvement at appointment stage for specialists such as BMS, lighting control, and alarm systems will assist in “heading off” future problems and assist all parties in delivering specialist systems which meet the Employer’s requirements.

M&E Project Commercial and Technical Support

There is a lengthy process from Contractor appointment to project handover. The various specialists and sub-contractors will undertake design development and drawing production and then, after design review, enter installation phase.

The most challenging period may be during the commissioning and demonstration exercises.

Ongoing M & E Commercial and Technical support throughout the contractor’s drawing/ lead in period, and on site period, will assist in ensuring the original Employer’s Requirements continue to be met and The Works are indeed compliant and perform correctly.

Change Management and Entitlement documentation

Pyments close inherent knowledge of the Commercial and Technical requirements of the project will ensure only valid “Changes” are entertained.

Familiarity with the Contract Documentation will ensure “good house-keeping” procedures are in place to control and cost genuine “change management” in a timely and proper manner.

Compliance and Programme Management via Pyments Project Monitoring

The delivery of the right project at the right time is essential. Ongoing M & E project monitoring through the installation period will ensure the actual installation complies with the agreed specifications, and that the work is undertaken in a timely manner, recorded against the agreed programmes.

Pyments may be tasked with producing and developing the Project Programme, or perhaps programming key exercises such as plant rooms or Commissioning.

The exercise will naturally identify where culpability for delay in a particularly work section rests; which will be invaluable in unfortunate event of programme overrun.

Project and Commissioning Management

As necessary Project Management resources may be provided, either for the overall project, or perhaps for particularly problematic elements.

End user dissatisfaction with the building’s internal environment most often arises from inadequate commissioning and setting too work. Typically each M & E system is a bespoke “one off” proto-type and sufficient programme time must be allowed to carefully bring the systems to the correct state of tune and function. More so the interdependency of the various sub-systems such as sprinklers and fire alarms, or BMS and cooling systems needs to be proven and assessed. Commissioning Management will ensure the various specialist contractors bring their separate systems to correct operation and ensure essential interfaces are properly proven.

Post Completion Stage

Latent Defects resolution and operational troubleshooting

Too often project teams “hand over the keys” and abandon the building user. Post Completion review will determine how the building is actually functioning in use. Are temperatures being maintained? Is fuel usage as predicted? If not what are the likely causes and who should address them?


Is proper progress being made to clear inevitable snags and defects, carried over from Completion stage?   Trust Pyments to manage the process for you…

Dispute Avoidance Resolution / Alternative Dispute resolution / Adjudication / Expert Witness

Post Completion also requires resolution of commercial matters. Timely but robust agreement on final accounts with structured and evidenced argument should head off formal dispute. Pyment’s knowledge of M&E systems, technology and the Contract requirements brings value to the final account negotiations, both up-stream and down-stream.

Should the parties fail to arrive at negotiated agreement the Commercial and Technical knowledge acquired will be invaluable during formal dispute resolution. M&E and general construction industry experience of commercial and engineering matters allow Pyments to offer “Expert Witness” opinion to help “unlock” issues of dispute.

What our clients say

“Feedback from site yesterday was; ‘very impressed with Pyments M&E input – good value for money.'”
– Commercial Director, (E.Anglia Region), Kier