Pyments Project Monitoring – (PPM)

Pyments Project Monitoring was born of frustration arising from time consuming and costly retrospective analysis in regard to disputed matters. Time and again we found poor record keeping and administrative housekeeping a contributing factor which became prejudicial to Clients entitlement.

With modern forms of construction contract Pyments Project Monitoring takes a pro-active approach in line with good working practices. We provide early pragmatic advice and solutions, addressing potential problems as and when they arrive; Far better than trying to resolve issues post event, or even worse, in contemplation of legal proceedings.

Pyments Project Monitoring provides a cost effective solution for the purposes of realisation of Clients key deliverables and assists in the prevention of time consuming and costly resource drain.

Key Benefits
  • Contract Compliance and Assurance in regard to Time, Quality and Cost
  • Early Warning of issues allowing proactive and collaborative working
  • Greater Knowledge and Control  to make right decisions at the right time.
  • Prompt Verification of Change, Extension of Time and/or Loss and Expense entitlements
  • Early Settlement/ Dispute Avoidance
  • Increases Quality of Performance and Accountability of  the Project Team
  • Provides an ‘As-Built’ / Historical Record of project
"A picture may say a thousand words, but it's what you do with it that counts."

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Principles of PPM

Capture contemporaneous records as the works proceed

Pyments Project Monitoring, periodically captures project(s) using High Definition photographic images via an optimum route through and around the works, allowing regular recording and monitoring of the planned/varied work. The resultant photographic record is individually referenced and catalogued to provide a contemporaneous and independent record.

Verify the works comply with the Contract with regard to Time, Quality and Cost

By comparison of the photographic records, design drawings, and with an eye to the construction programme, the Time, Quality and Cost of the project can be monitored and the verification of compliance within this aspect realised. Pyments communicate this via reports/dashboards/summary fact sheets to allow the end user of the Project Monitoring service, to make informed decisions during the project. This process also provides a pictorial as-built of the project and in accompaniment with Progress verification can provide a detailed time slice analysis of how the works have progressed.

Action any verified non-compliances via notification, early warning meetings and/or implementation of mitigation measures.

The Project Monitoring Service allows at the time actions to be made. Following identification of issues/problems via the monitoring visit, this is relayed to the team to allow a proactive approach and provide “at the time” reactive actions oppose to retrospective actions, thereby allowing the implementation of mitigation measures and/or alternative approaches to be considered and solutions engineered.

What our clients say

“We’re all very impressed with the work you have done for us…Pyments are specifically named as an example of the good record keeping practices that we should use on major/tricky projects.”
– Senior Quantity Surveyor, Morgan Sindall

“We would confirm that the service you provided for us was exemplary. Once again we thank you at Pyments as we feel that without the in depth survey our case would have been a lot weaker.”
– Contracts Manager, Vinci Construction

“…I’m dealing with the loss and expense element of the claim so these photos are essential in demonstrating our entitlement…” – Senior Quantity Surveyor, Morgan Sindall