Spot The Difference…85% of construction companies don’t do this……are you in the 15% that does?


Spot the Difference…85% of Construction companies don’t do this…

(Updated June 2019

Images taken to record the progress of your project is a normal occurrence in construction, after all what’s the famous quote…’A picture is worth a thousand words’? Sometimes though is just a picture really enough? ….

Taking a few pics is one thing however, taking detailed accurate records ‘at the time’ is entirely another….85% of construction companies don’t do this!

A simple exercise…take a close look at the two pictures opposite, can you SPOT THE DIFFERENCE…. ?

This was the same room, the pictures were taken two weeks apart…. so why does the second image look like it should be the first…? don’t always tell the whole story…

Look closer…. on the second image there are apertures in the walls where sockets once occupied.. progress is going backwards!  Standalone it might not to be a big deal, but multiply this issue by a thousand apartments and it is!

This is exactly why you need Pyments Project Monitoring (PPM) on your next project…

  • 15 years on
  • 150 High Profile Projects
  • 500,000 Images
  • ZERO DISPUTES.…. Why?….. They all had PPM

Pyments Project Monitoring (PPM) identifies trade activities found to be directly impacting your critical path activities, enabling your team to remain focused on the true cause(s) of impacts to the progress of your project and correspondingly to where the source of any time and costs incurred may derive.

Do you want clarity and understanding as to where your project team’s efforts must be directed?  PPM ensures your programme of works stays (or gets back) on track…..

Pyments assist your project team to accurately record and understand how your project is performing. A unique blend of our skilled project analysts and detailed interrogation of all programme trade activities, together with a contemporaneous take on the ‘actual’ build logic and progress being achieved.

Utilised by all project stakeholders, from Employers to Main Contractors and Specialist Trade Contractors.

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