Time to move on!


I can’t lie, finding the time to sit down and draft an interesting, light-hearted & though provoking piece was difficult. Not because I don’t want to do it, and not because my social diary has been particularly full (thanks Covid!), but because personally I’ve never been so busy.

Did I foresee the strains of home working still being prevalent in Spring 2021? No, I did expect however, perhaps optimistically, that we would be back to the office and having face-to-face meetings. Not rearranging the book shelf in the background of your Teams screen view, and hoping the dog doesn’t attack the Amazon delivery driver during the meeting!

Did I foresee a ‘stockpiling effect’ of work load from ‘lockdown 1’? Yes, the cork has well and truly popped since Autumn 2020 and my personal involvement on a raft of instructions from entitlement preparation documents, to serial adjudications and full-blown litigation has probably been as unrelenting as any time since I started Pyments over 30 years ago.

This has meant that I’ve spent a little too much time ‘in the business’ as opposed to ‘on the business’, however sometimes you’ve just got to roll your sleeves up, get stuck in and get on with it. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do enjoy it when its ‘muck and bullets’ time! That being said, I am also indebted to our stable of experienced, highly competent and dedicated personnel who readily take their own share of such pressures.

Moving forward I do intend to adopt a far more strategic role in all sectors of the business. No matter how much I enjoy the challenge and variety of the work which helps to keep the old ‘grey matter’ ticking, I have to recognise to take Pyments to the next level, demands a bit more than simply ‘turning up’.

So, what do I foresee for the next six months before I sit down and draft for the next InFocus in Autumn 2021? Well, I have to admit, based on current and future work in the pipeline, I can see adjudicators, mediators and TCC judges being kept busy! It would also be nice to think our highly respected ‘Bespoke Training’ sector will start to kick in again as offices begin to open and the restrictions on the numbers of people congregating in one place are lifted. This will be a very welcome return to normality; it’s always nice to get out and about to see and hear differing individual’s perceptions of the construction industry, and appreciate first-hand some of the issues and challenges which arise under the various forms of Building Contracts.

In short, whilst it will never be quite the same, it’s time to move on. From a personal perspective, I will also have my fingers crossed that I get lucky in the ballot for my Euro 2021 tickets! I bought tickets over 18 months ago, so to lose my seats on the cusp of the tournament actually starting doesn’t bear thinking about. Not to mention my tickets for the cricket as well. You see, it’s not all work! You can’t spell opTIMistic without TIM, so I’m confident I’ll be cheering our glorious boys to victory in the Summer!! C’mon England (and best wishes of course to Scotland and Wales as well!).

Tim Hart Managing Director