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When it comes to training, Pyments are on a different level to our straight-jacketed competitors. We are a ‘break from the norm’ and have developed an interactive learning platform which has seen in excess of 200 workshops delivered to construction industry specialists through a 30 year period.

Extensive course material is combined with both high level, detailed and practical training sessions which have originated from ‘real life’ situations that our experienced trainers have encountered.

We have found greater levels of understanding, appreciation and enjoyment is developed through delegate interaction rather than simply listening to a speaker ‘reading from the script’.

We have a number of workshops currently available which can be delivered at a time and place to suit you. Pyments can liaise with your business to ensure the agenda is tailored to your specific needs.

Available Courses

Pyments’ established workshop titles include:

Change Management using JCT Design & Build 2016

The course has a commercial bias, however the material is highly relevant to all members of the project team.

Management of Compensation Events using NEC4

Highly recommended for all involved working with the NEC4 form of contract particularly project managers and quantity surveyors.

Programming, Record Keeping and Delay Notices

We encourage all levels and disciplines of a project team to attend, and ensure they work together on this highly interactive and practical workshop.

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Below are the services which can benefit your business.

Pyments collaborate with clients to ensure their specific training requirements are met. This may involve tailoring our established workshop agenda to focus on particular aspects of training content, or additionally providing bespoke content to insert within the workshop agenda, whether based on contract amendments or company specific case needs.

Pyments deliver a wide variety of contractual and commercial training to the construction industry and the vast majority of related subjects will sit comfortably within our speakers knowledge, experience and capabilities; if you have any specific training requirements please contact us.

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To discuss this service and enquire to how we can help please call us on 01789 766 544

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Pyments provide detailed and extensive delegate packs for each workshop. Course material is designed to be practical and relevant to all aspects of the delegates ‘day job’.

Pre-course questions can be provided as a composite part of the learning experience and Pyments will always provide two speakers to ensure maximum delegate benefit.

Pyments also provide project specific on the job training. This involves reviewing and advising contracts, or alternatively discussing ongoing site issues and recommending best practice.

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To discuss this service and enquire to how we can help please call us on 01789 766 544

Or email

Still not sure? Here’s a reminder...

Over 200 workshops delivered during a 30 year period.

Repeat instructions from highly reputable construction industry specialists.

Extensive delegate packs provided to each individual.

Interactive learning environment with practical training sessions based on ‘real life’ situations.

Two experienced and enthused speakers avoiding ‘reading from the script’.

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