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Why you need Mechanical & Electrical Solutions on your construction project

Pyments Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) Solutions Division is approaching its 10th Birthday and that provides us with the perfect opportunity to reflect and understand just how far we’ve come…

The Mechanical & Electrical sector has always been a significant proportion of the Practice’s work load.  This is logical really when you consider M&E is such a complex area, representing a high proportion of a project’s overall build cost, providing plenty of opportunity for disagreement, delay and if you are not careful, dispute.

Tim Hart, Pyments founder and Managing Director, identified the need for Pyments to have ‘in-house’ M&E expertise from the beginning; we call this “tech” but in reality, it is a range of Mechanical and Electrical skills including project management, programming, design, troubleshooting, contract administration and commercial astuteness. Our M&E skill-set has been gleaned from lengthy careers spent in Consultancy, Contracting and significantly Design and Install Contracting – it’s this combined expertise that makes the Pyments M&E Solutions Team so successful.

Looking back over the last decade, whilst it is clear standalone M&E projects have contributed significantly to turnover, what has since become apparent is the intrinsic value the M&E Solutions Team has brought to the rest of the Firm. Having our own M&E team ‘in house’ and readily available, has proven invaluable to all Pyments’ Divisions; Project Services, Programming & Delay Analysis, Project Monitoring and of course Dispute Avoidance have all experienced the benefit. (You don’t need a Venn diagram to appreciate how each of Pyments’ Services overlap and support each other depending what commission they are working on).

Direct access to M&E support, has allowed others to quickly understand technical issues, establish liability, articulate the problem “free of tech speak”, and generally bring an enhanced degree of M&E comprehension to all aspects of a Project. The ultimate benefit of course is assurance on quality, together with the economic savings made in terms of time and cost that we pass on to you, our Client.

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