Work Hard,Play Hard ….Summer Sailing Regatta 2019


Jitka’s Summer Sailing Regatta 2019

Work hard, play hard –   That’s always been our mantra here at Pyments. It’s no surprise then to see this rule of thumb spill over into our leisure time, with many here pursuing hobbies or sports that put the rest of us couch potatoes to shame!  Read on for a pretty awesome summer sailing experience from Jitka….

The National Grid Sailing Regatta took place between 1st – 4th August this year with the start and finish in Port Solent.  Around 10-14 boats participated, each with a crew of 8 made up of a mixture of both novice and experienced sailors, the event is designed to provide novices with an experience of competitive sailing in a challenging but controlled environment.

A training day kicked off the weekend to get everyone familiar with the boats (and each other!) followed by two days of racing between Cowes, Yarmouth and Port Solent, with plenty of social time in the evenings to catch up and share the high-points of each day.

Here’s our girl in action …jitka sailing 2… learning the ropes!Jitka sailing trophyVictory!

On summing up the whole experience this is what Jitka had to say….

“I always wanted to try sailing and this was a great chance to give it a go.  I loved the whole experience, despite the hard work (many bruises and total exhaustion!), from the actual sailing of the boat (so many ropes everywhere !!!!! 😃) and the experience of a competitive race, to getting to know your crew (a bunch of people you never met before) and getting some banter going so you can work  together as a team with one focus in mind… WINNING THE RACE! 😊 It gives you an adrenaline kick and was really good fun, a ‘weekend break’ I aim to definitely do again.”



Jitka sailing boat